• Ground Power Unit Ground Power Unit
  • Disabled Passenger Boarding Vehicle Disabled Passenger Boarding Vehicle
  • Passenger Steps Passenger Steps
  • Garbage Collector Garbage Collector
  • Container Loader Container Loader
  • Tow Tractor Tow Tractor
  • Potable Water Vehicle Potable Water Vehicle
  • Washing Vehicle Washing Vehicle
  • Catering Truck Catering Truck
  • Lavatory Service Vehicle Lavatory Service Vehicle
  • Luggage Tractor Luggage Tractor
  • Conveyor Belt Loader Conveyor Belt Loader
  • Snow Sweeper Snow Sweeper

Product Introduction

  • Aircraft Service Equipments Aircraft Service Equipments

    Convenient aircraft services are the foundation of efficient airport operation. TECHKING's powerful tow tractor, convenient washing vehicle, reliable and efficient ground power unit provide easy and convenient services for every aircrafts to enable an efficient airport operation.

  • Passenger Service Equipments Passenger Service Equipments

    Comfortable passenger services are window of airport services. TECHKING, with its concentration on GSE industry, provides safe and convenient passenger steps and VIP passenger steps as well as catering truck, potable water truck and lavatory service truck to facilitate every passenger with comfortable, reliable and joyful traveling experience.

  • Cargo Handling Equipments Cargo Handling Equipments

    Safe and efficient cargo processing challenges every airport. TECHKING, guided by the principle of safe and efficient helps you with its luggage tractor, conveyor belt loader and container loader to handle all the cargos safely and efficiently.


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